USA - Be the Change

by Wolverine Studios

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These days, our country seems more divided than ever. Our students wanted to make a song that reinforced their beliefs that this nation is one of many, and we are built on the foundation of love and acceptance.


CHORUS: by Sariah Similien

Let’s stand up and say Hate will be erased.
This can be the day. We can be the change.

Verse 1: By Shane Forde, senior

You would say this is where its at , North America
check it on the map bet your hear of that we got
free religion got independence from Britain
our spirit is so uplifting and we're all so forgiving
and our anthem oh say can you see by the dawn early light
those words makes me fight for what's right
we can change laws if we got flaws
if we got to fight we will fight for a higher cause
no matter what President This power in our residence
go to jail where's the evidence
we all democratic that's magic never tragic
when something falls we can catch us
something breaks get a ratchet
from the west where the wave crash hit the city where times fast
Times Square people laugh in school learning math
our history not a mystery cause school is free and
knowledge ain't new to me


Verse 2: By Quinda Sodah, sophomore
Ain't it funny how this word keeps spinning around
and how it ain't stopping till we all falling till the ground
yeah I'm just a kid see the struggle we facing everyday
watch your mama struggle with the money she makes in every way
I wanna help stop the tears from pouring out
Turn all the frowns upside down somebody just tell me how cause
I always turn I'm always adding to the stress
So Imma keep praying to the Lord to help me through this mess
Mama always told me be the best that I can
Cause the moon and the stars is where I'm tryna land
Ain't no turning back now this my American dream
Like MLKJ once said I have a dream
The stars are the limit ain't no looking back
sis got people on your chest they all gon disappear like magic
but like granny always said what goes around comes back around now
That's why I find it hard for me to settle down now


Verse 3: By Aqiyl Hosein
It's the US of A
Nation of the freedom
the land of hope and peace the dreams put into reality

And I'd rather be here than laid out in the streets
and it's easy
To live and learn here cause no one could ever oppress me
We got the freedom the right to life love and liberty
it's challenges from presidents and fighting and knives and thieves
but if you got faith
Nothing could come between us
We could do it just like Washington and even Abe Lincoln
Stand up and be the future
Stay strong they can't defeat us
We could shout out we the people at the top of our lungs
The day is young
the people are strong
We got the vision
We got it won
The title of love no one can take it from us
Because it's our cause
Not selfishly living wealthy but helpin me and by helping me yu helping spread equality for everybody


released March 29, 2017
This track was written and performed by students at Williamsburg Charter High School: Sariah Similien, Quinda Soday, Aqiyl Hosein, and Shane Forde. The instrumental was produced by Sean Hatten.



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